Sunday, June 12, 2011

Ring-a-ring (of roses)

I finally got me a connector ring. :)

 And then I got more. LOL.

My hands aren't picture perfect, but my rings most definitely are. All from Forever 21. :)

Shoe Rush!

Don't be left out! Let's you and I rush to the NBC Tent, Bonifacio Global City on June 25 and 26 and grab those perfect pairS. Be seein' ya! ;

Friday, May 27, 2011

Schu's Slammin' Shoe Sale

Oh yes. Today is the first day of Schu's heart stopping, jaw dropping sale. Everything at P799 a pair and below! 

And of course, I was there (ho ho ho).

Got these....

Gray-white faux snake skin platform pumps
And these.

Bronze faux snake skin platform pumps
Mighty proud of myself for buying only 2 pairs. LOL.

The store after the fact hahaha.
A tornado passed by the store hahaha. Rush at Schu Robinsons Galleria and grab your pair now! :)

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

A Summer Stroll

It was hot as usual, but most definitely, Greenbelt is one of the better venues for a photo shoot. LOL.

Wanna see what secret my skirt keeps?.

I love how the zipper of this skirt goes aaaaaaall the way down. wink* wink*
Usually, I balance my outfit with the accessories that I choose to pair them up with. I particularly like wearing my dressy (office) clothes with my leather cuffs to avoid making the ensemble predictable and sorta boring..

Then mixing them yet again for that twist.

See how my leather bow cuff matches my bow earrings? Kyot. ;)

These booties, I nearly forgot that I have. Comfy, comfy. Whoever invented platforms is an angel, I always say. 

Now don't you go forgetting your sunnies when you leave your house. Protect those beautiful eyes. Enjoy the rest of your summer! :)

Mphosis top, Topshop skirt, Mphosis and Accessorize accessories, Mango satchel, H&M sunnies, Janilyn booties

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Combating the boot-shopping urge.

I've been obsessing about getting a pair of Dr. Martens for months now. I honestly don't know if it's making a comeback, but it sure is making a comeback with me. :p

My favorite so far. :p

I am not talking about the latest collection. It's the 1460s, 1490s that still have my heart. And obviously, it has theirs, too. :)

Jessica Alba in a vintage 1460 8-eye pair.

Taylor Momsen in a Diva Patent Leather boots.

Whitney Port in her 1460s.
Dakota Fanning in her 1490 10-eye and lacy tights. Niiiiiice. 

So now I'm trying to narrow down my choices...

Ok let's narrow it down to three. Hahaha, wish me luck! ;)

Saturday Blues

Saturday malling blues in a blue, balloon polka dot dress and blue and white clogs. Apologies for the awful shots this time. BB's almost empty batt. :)

Topshop dress, Janilyn clogs, Accessorize accessories, Topshop leather shoulder bag

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Lunch amidst the greenery

Another lunch out to remember, this time at Becky's Kitchen located at Valle Verde I. How to best describe? Homey.

Greens all around with wooden dining sets to match.

A refreshing theme smack right at the heart of the Metro.

Quiet and serene to complete the mood.

Concept is very consistent, from its fixtures to its menu. It is a perfect venue for a quiet lunch and it was exactly how we wanted it. Serving is only for one unless otherwise specified, so don't make the mistake of assuming sharing your food. Price? I'd say friendly - except for the pasta. 

Becky's Kitchen menu. Definitely homemade. Creative in its simplicity and theme consistency.

Kinda pricey for its serving but definitely delish.
I had a big breakfast, so I just sampled on their sandwich and dessert. However, my friends were more than ready for a plateful. LOL.

My chicken sandwich. Crunchy on the outside, chicken creamy good on the inside. :)

Bonique is all smiles with her Puttanesca. 

And here's Janice posing with her Pomodoro.

Then comes the best part. Dessert! They have a wide selection of cakes and pastries, and pricing is much more justifiable than the usual. Undeniably, this is a dessert haven!

Prune Walnut Cake for Bonique. 

Mine! Swiss Chocolate Cake. Sinful yet soooo good!

Blueberry Cheesecake as ordered by Janice, the cheesecake addict. :) 
And you know what the best part is with this outing? Me being able to strut around in my new VNC wedges! Don't they make my feet look so...white? hehehehe.

A steal that I most recently bought at VNC, The Shang!

Be at your fashion best at all times, I always say. Happy eating! :)

Sunday, May 1, 2011


If there is such a thing as stress-eating. Then, I'd say I do stress-shopping. 

Stressful week = maxed out card.

Being that I had, err, a stressful week, my Saturday afternoon was spent rummaging at Topshop Podium Mall and Forever 21 SM Megamall. And what do you know, both stores were ON SALE. Ding! Ding! Ding! Jackpot. LOL

While I am a big fan of Forever 21's shoes, I am OBSESSED with Topshop's clothes..and simply everything else in their store haha. Their UK 6 is a perfect fit for me. Too bad though, they don't have size 5 for their footwear. So so sad.

So what did I snag at Topshop?

To help them fit nice and tight...

Somekinda like Leighton Meester's...

Courtesy of

Come one, come all...

Courtesy of c/2010/04/07/celebrity-look-skinny-cargo-pants  /

I love that this pair of cargo skinnies fits me snugly AND comfortably - all around. No unsightly bulges that low rise pants normally show. Veeeery sexy. They have this in...three colors, I think. I'd have bought the navy blues, too. But I had to control myself because this was just my first stop. Maybe next week. Hehehe.

This floral chiffon I fell in love with moment that I tried it on. Formal in front.....

Hot at the back. Nice slit. Tssss. :p

Perfect for the office where it's cold and sometimes, freezing! See the tiny hearts and the lacy design on the edges? Kyoot! It's for my cutesy, wholesome days. LOL

Now I mentioned that I am not really a fan of Forever 21's clothes. Material is too thin for me, their styles are so-so, and there are just too,too many items to check out. For some reason, I am bad with department store-ish shopping. Booo.

HOWEVER, I adore their shoes! I've already bought quite a number of pairs, and so far, I am one happy, satisfied F21 shoe customer - so long as I am able to reserve those elusive size 5s, that is. They''re comfy, they fit perfectly, are stylish, and most importantly, cost-friendly. I check their Megamall branch every so often, and it's so rare that I leave empty handed. Or should I say empty foot-ed. LOL

This style has been around for so long but it's only now that I bought a pair cos..well, I guess I just couldn't find one that's comfy enough. Surprisingly, I have more issues wearing flats than my cigarette-stick heels.

Not on sale, but who cares? Now, they're mine. ;)

I went around the store and I must admit, that F21 line is way cheaper than Topshop's. But that's only because quality and style difference is kinda relevant, too. 

Now I know that I mentioned how I normally ward off F21 clothes...

But on my way out, I saw this top on sale. I couldn't resist! I just had to buy it. For only P159.00, yay! What a steal! :)

Goodbye, stress! ho-ho-ho. :D