Thursday, April 28, 2011

Colorful Lunch at the Borough, Podium Mall

Lunch out is a perfect opportunity for me and my closest officemates to get out of the confines of our cubicles, discover new restos, and catch up. It is also an excuse for me to dress up - not that I don't try everyday. LOL

I love pairing my black outfits with striking, colorful accessories. Don't you think my cocktail matched the ensemble perfectly? ;)

Borough at The Podium Mall did not disappoint. Ambiance was perfect for yuppies out for a quiet chit chat over a satisfying meal.

Stairs leading to a second dining area. But it isn't open during lunch.
Now what to eat and drink....

Although service was kinda slow, food was delish. And the frozen strawberry margarita filled the void (safe to drink over lunch, too!) Price? I'd say reasonable.

Frozen strawberry margarita
Tomato soup and cheese injected portobello sandwich
Homemade pumpkin ravioli
Fries in a teared brown bag. How's that for presentation? :)

This was my second visit really, but a first for lunch. Now would there be a third? I'd say most definitely. ;) 

Janice Ronquillo and Bonique Garrovillo

Satisfied lunch buddies!

Top by Warehouse, Necklace by WWW, Earrings and bracelet by Accessorize,  Leather cuff by Mphosis.