Sunday, May 1, 2011


If there is such a thing as stress-eating. Then, I'd say I do stress-shopping. 

Stressful week = maxed out card.

Being that I had, err, a stressful week, my Saturday afternoon was spent rummaging at Topshop Podium Mall and Forever 21 SM Megamall. And what do you know, both stores were ON SALE. Ding! Ding! Ding! Jackpot. LOL

While I am a big fan of Forever 21's shoes, I am OBSESSED with Topshop's clothes..and simply everything else in their store haha. Their UK 6 is a perfect fit for me. Too bad though, they don't have size 5 for their footwear. So so sad.

So what did I snag at Topshop?

To help them fit nice and tight...

Somekinda like Leighton Meester's...

Courtesy of

Come one, come all...

Courtesy of c/2010/04/07/celebrity-look-skinny-cargo-pants  /

I love that this pair of cargo skinnies fits me snugly AND comfortably - all around. No unsightly bulges that low rise pants normally show. Veeeery sexy. They have this in...three colors, I think. I'd have bought the navy blues, too. But I had to control myself because this was just my first stop. Maybe next week. Hehehe.

This floral chiffon I fell in love with moment that I tried it on. Formal in front.....

Hot at the back. Nice slit. Tssss. :p

Perfect for the office where it's cold and sometimes, freezing! See the tiny hearts and the lacy design on the edges? Kyoot! It's for my cutesy, wholesome days. LOL

Now I mentioned that I am not really a fan of Forever 21's clothes. Material is too thin for me, their styles are so-so, and there are just too,too many items to check out. For some reason, I am bad with department store-ish shopping. Booo.

HOWEVER, I adore their shoes! I've already bought quite a number of pairs, and so far, I am one happy, satisfied F21 shoe customer - so long as I am able to reserve those elusive size 5s, that is. They''re comfy, they fit perfectly, are stylish, and most importantly, cost-friendly. I check their Megamall branch every so often, and it's so rare that I leave empty handed. Or should I say empty foot-ed. LOL

This style has been around for so long but it's only now that I bought a pair cos..well, I guess I just couldn't find one that's comfy enough. Surprisingly, I have more issues wearing flats than my cigarette-stick heels.

Not on sale, but who cares? Now, they're mine. ;)

I went around the store and I must admit, that F21 line is way cheaper than Topshop's. But that's only because quality and style difference is kinda relevant, too. 

Now I know that I mentioned how I normally ward off F21 clothes...

But on my way out, I saw this top on sale. I couldn't resist! I just had to buy it. For only P159.00, yay! What a steal! :)

Goodbye, stress! ho-ho-ho. :D