Sunday, May 15, 2011

Lunch amidst the greenery

Another lunch out to remember, this time at Becky's Kitchen located at Valle Verde I. How to best describe? Homey.

Greens all around with wooden dining sets to match.

A refreshing theme smack right at the heart of the Metro.

Quiet and serene to complete the mood.

Concept is very consistent, from its fixtures to its menu. It is a perfect venue for a quiet lunch and it was exactly how we wanted it. Serving is only for one unless otherwise specified, so don't make the mistake of assuming sharing your food. Price? I'd say friendly - except for the pasta. 

Becky's Kitchen menu. Definitely homemade. Creative in its simplicity and theme consistency.

Kinda pricey for its serving but definitely delish.
I had a big breakfast, so I just sampled on their sandwich and dessert. However, my friends were more than ready for a plateful. LOL.

My chicken sandwich. Crunchy on the outside, chicken creamy good on the inside. :)

Bonique is all smiles with her Puttanesca. 

And here's Janice posing with her Pomodoro.

Then comes the best part. Dessert! They have a wide selection of cakes and pastries, and pricing is much more justifiable than the usual. Undeniably, this is a dessert haven!

Prune Walnut Cake for Bonique. 

Mine! Swiss Chocolate Cake. Sinful yet soooo good!

Blueberry Cheesecake as ordered by Janice, the cheesecake addict. :) 
And you know what the best part is with this outing? Me being able to strut around in my new VNC wedges! Don't they make my feet look so...white? hehehehe.

A steal that I most recently bought at VNC, The Shang!

Be at your fashion best at all times, I always say. Happy eating! :)

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