Wednesday, July 11, 2012


My name is Mitch and I am a sale slash shopping addict. 

Yep. That I am. BUT only for great bargains and to die for finds. 

I went to the I'm Shoe In Love at the NBC tent weeks back, and brought home five (5) pairs of shoes (plus a Mango top from Powerplant that I snagged from their 70% off sale after my NBC trek). I was so happy with my purchase that I didn't mind spending for our nightcap at the Crowne. So happy that I didn't mind the rain that unexpectedly poured and trapped us at the hotel.

One of the five pairs that I luckily snagged. I love oxfords! <3

My word of advice? Never miss a sale date. You'll buy anyway. So why not buy cheaper? 

Having said that, let's go and check this out this weekend. Sarap to shop! 

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